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Join us at our Chocolate Manufactory to taste your way through the chocolate making process!
Chocolate Learning Program
  1. Nov01202109:30AM
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Chocolate Learning Program at York Cocoa Works
We craft our chocolate at our Chocolate Manufactory, York Cocoa Works in the centre of York. We are delighted to be able to share our chocolate learning and training with chocolate professionals. Please use the links through to our courses detailed above for more information and to book your place to join us.  From 20th May 2021* - Our Chocolate Training Program takes place in our cocoa academy and our Chocolate Manufactory and is subject to our inside area being open to the public. Please use the links through to our booking dates featured for more information and to make your booking to join us.    * Please note our Cocoa Academy group capacity is subject to government guidance regarding covid operating restrictions - we are pleased to offer our training program at this time based on anticipated operating guidance, should this need to change we will contact all reservations closer to the time. Please contact our team should you have any additional requirements.    Thank you for your support, we look forward to welcoming you.  
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